Based on our success in Central Africa, we have decided to set up a franchising business. Afrijet brand will become a franchise to be developped in the whole Africa. For the purpose of this business, we have created in the United Arab Emirates a company called Afrijet MarkeIng JLT.

Afrijet Marketing has acquired worldwide the intellectual property of the brand “Afrijet” (notably but not exclusively in the the US, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, East and Central Africa).

Here are the business principles we would like to develop:

A. a franchise right will be allocated to a franchisee for one country only

B. the franchisor (Afrijet MarkeIng JLT) will provide various services to the franchisee, including:

  • Marketing services (advertisement, sponsorship, press communication, etc.)
  • Representation of the brand in various aviation institutions
  • Customer service standards,
  • Operations, Quality & Safety standards
  • Quality and Safety Audits to ensure a level of compliance with these standards
  • Access to the franchisor network to get finance (leasing company)
  • Access to business aviation expertise
  • HR assessment,
  • Franchisee Management Training & Coaching and Expert Resources sharing

C. each franchisee shall be at any time compliant with our product chart and our customer service, quality and safety standards

D. Franchisor will charge monthly a percentage of the business aviation total revenue performed by the Franchisee, with a minimum and a maximum annual billing.

E. contract will ties Franchisee and Franchisor for a minimum of 3 years

F. Franchisee will sub-charter any trip he cannot perform by itself to the Franchisee network and reciprocally. Each trip will be paid on cash basis among franchisee.  Franchisor will collect a  network fee