The practical benefits of owning a private jet seem obvious : it is a means of transport that saves you timeand is flexible to use. Yes it brings a number of constraints and you often spend more time than expected solving unforseen problems, and this within a changing regulatory environment.

Operating a business plane demands a complex and costly organisation.

Afrijet has made to this into its core business thanks to its fully qualified team of specialists.

Afrijet offer plane owners two management options :

  • Private operation, exclusively devoted to the owners, with the resulting benefit of the professionalism and means of an airline
  • Commercial public transport operation, with the possibility of chartering the plane to third parties and a resulting savings in fixed costs for the owner.

For the duration of the aircraft’s life, our teams will be providing advice for your best interests

  • consulting and expertise a time of purchase or sale (technical, fiscal)
  • airworthiness monitoring
  • ground assistance
  • operations
  • maintenance and modifications