Dear Customer, To be closer to your expectations, we have …
… selected new fine china and drinkware from Guy Degrenne (www.guydegrenne.fr).
… asked a Tailor to design new tableclothes.
… chosen Sonia Rykiel home’s Blankets (www.grandes-marques.com).
… rearranged all the amenities on board by using L’Occitane en Provence(www.loccitane.com).
… made our shopping in Paris to provide Fauchon’s finest choice of dry food (www.fauchon.com) and tasty choice of tea by Mariage frères (www.mariagefreres.com).
… requested the advices of the « Chef sommelier » from Taillevent Store to re-write our wine list. Taillevent is one of the oldest and most prestigious Wine boutique in Paris (www.taillevent.com).
… Last but not least, Apple’s Ipads tablets (www.apple.com) will be now available on board on long flights to give our customers the comfort of flying with us with extra choice of entertainments like a selection of music (classical, jazz, rock, and modern) movies as blockbusters, series, … large choice of applications and games . Devices can now be plugged into the cabin and display your favourite entertainment thanks to the Airshow 4100.
The crew uniform has been changed to give classy style to our Hostess.
Our F900 Cabins had been completely renewed, galleys are today more convenient to provide the best service with both microwave and airline oven, Nespresso machine.

Our crew has been enrolled in an extensive training program, including onboard serving, safety course and language learning.
To help the crew finding abroad the best Catering for you, we have generalized the use of Private flight Catering.

We hope this combination of gastronomy tradition & high technology will make your journey pleasant in the African sky. We will make everything to make you enjoy your flights, short or long one.

Yours faithfully,

Customer & onboard product manager